What issues do you work on?

We work on issues of social justice- issues that affect those in our communities who face the most difficult struggles. That might mean bills in the Maryland Legislature that aim to increase legal rights for low-income renters or returning citizens, or efforts to increase funding for our public schools.  We support groups that protect the environment and the rights of immigrants.

There are so many groups.  Why do we need another?

That is the value of Be the Change. All our work is done in cooperation with groups we find and vet. We don’t reinvent the wheel.  We educate and organize our members to help existing groups do their work with greater impact.

Do you get involved in elections?

YES!  In fact between now and November we will be working to elect Democrats.  Our primary focus will be on our neighboring state of Pennsylvania, but we will respond where needed.

What are the ways volunteers can be involved?

We go the Annapolis to lobby our legislators during the Maryland session.  During election season, we canvass for our chosen Democratic candidates- knocking on doors to spread the word.  We also make phone calls and write letters. There are many ways to help. 

Is there any cost?

No.  We ask for donations to cover food and room rental at our quarterly meetings, but it’s optional.

I want to help, but I have never done anything like this.

We understand.  For a lot of people, our current political situation has inspired them to get involved for the first time.  You are never alone.  We train you and connect you with others who have experience.  Don’t be afraid to take the first step.  You are needed.